Golf & Food

Intense aromas and flavours.
For those who live in the Emilia Romagna and Marche regions, the culture of good food is synonymous with tradition and hospitality.
When it comes to taste, we can confidently say that we have very few rivals. Emilia Romagna has been defined by the prestigious Forbes magazine as the custodian of the best food in the world, in terms of the products and recipes offered.
Thanks to the work and passion of man and to a region that rewards us with one of the most ideal microclimates for cultivating and producing seasonal products, Emilia Romagna brings to the table a multitude of excellent products, from “piadina” IGP (typical flatbread) to extra virgin olive oil and Sangiovese di Romagna D.O.C. wine, while Marche is well-known for its quality goat cheeses, truffles and savoury meat.
The food and wine offered by these two regions are quite diverse and appreciated around the world. You’ll believe us when you taste them.